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Cutting wooden boards

Primus Balkan offers you fast, precise and high-quality cutting services of all types of wooden panels with optimazed material consumption. Computer optimization program enables the best usability of panels and all cutting orders we fulfill in next 24h. Cutting is done on a CNC cutter as well as on horizontal plate cutters with pre-cutters.

Edging boards

Edging and gluing the edges with ABS tape is one of the most important processes in production of every type of panel furniture. Edging process is made on ABS and PVC tape with thickness of 0, 4 to 2, 0 mm with 5cm wide.

Curvilinear edging

At our wood center we offer you a services of curvilinear edging, ie. edging of irregular shapes on special machines for curvilinear edging.

Curvilinear CNC cutting of wooden boards

Our shopping center offers the service of MDF and chipboard with highly resistant and high-quality HPL laminate up to 0.8 mm thick. Veneering with HPL laminate is one of the forms of production of more demanding furniture, which is imposed as an unavoidable item in the production of office, bathroom and kitchen furniture.

Veneering is done by cold pressing and gluing to a wooden surface.

Production of rolling doors

In cooperation with world renowned producer of raw materials for furniture called Rehau, we offer the service of production of rolling doors for furniture. Functionality, easy handling and elegance of rolling doors makes your furniture beautiful and easy for use. The fronts of rolling shutters are made of aluminum and quality PVC in the colors of cherry, beech and aluminum. The door can be opened with a horizontal and vertical opening system, and the ideal place for using it are:
- Office cabinets;
- Kitchen hanging elements;
- Hallway set;
- Cabinets inside American closets.

Drilling holes in wooden boards

Our wood center provides you with the service of drilling holes in wooden boards that are necessary for the installation of hinges, handles and other types of fittings. Drilling is performed on modern high quality machines. In addition to drilling wood panels, we provide the service of drilling holes in stainless steel and granite sinks, which are necessary for the installation of faucets.

Gluing and assembling panels

Modern design requires the use of thick wooden panels which are often difficult to find on the market. In relation to that, our company provides you a service of gluing and assembling various thicknesses of boards in order to get the most effective and elegant look of the boards, which get the ideal look with the appropriate beading and edging.

Cutting and joining wooden profiles (moldings) at an angle of 45 °

Decorative wooden moldings maximize the aesthetics of your furniture, so we have introduced the service of cutting and assembling wooden profiles at an angle of 45 °. Cutting is done on a specialized machine that simultaneously cuts both sides at an angle of 45 °, and at the same time mills the holes on the back of the molding, which make the joint ideal when assembling. Special seals are used for joining a dovetail that is in the same pattern as the wooden profile being cut.

Plexiglas barriers

Plexiglas barriers are placed on counters and tables in all activities that involve direct contact between two people, and block the transmission of respiratory droplets from one person to another. Protective plexiglass barriers are ideal because they are:

- necessary to protect persons against coronavirus
- easy to place on counters and tables
- available in different models and dimensions
- reinforced with a plexiglass or chipboard base

Barriers can be fully customized to your needs and requirements.

CNC partitions

Decorative wooden partitions in the interior can be very useful, but at the same time aesthetically interesting.

They are perfect for separating the work area from the living room, sleeping area in smaller apartments and the balcony or terrace from the rest of the interior, while in this way all the zones also remain connected, but not to the very end.

With the help of CNC machines, we produce these elements according to your wishes. All you need to do is provide the desired pattern and dimensions.

Other services

In addition to these primary services, our wood center also offers you the possibility of remodeling your furniture and panels (shortening, processing, disassembly, optimization, cutting panels, assembly, packaging and transport.


Primus Balkan

Primus Balkan company has been present on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1998. At the very beginning a company was exclusively engaged in the trade of raw materials for the production of furniture and interior design. A wide range of materials, favorable prices and its quality service have had an impact on company's position in the BH market that led company to expand its business to some other segments and services.


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71000 Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina

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